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Stay organized.

Before you step into the exam room, ElationEMR’s intuitive design quickly prepares you for a thorough and efficient visit.

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Focus on your patient.

So you can focus on your patient, ElationEMR’s design gives you what you need — and gets out of the way.

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Focus on your patient.

Everything in one place.

We know your extraordinary care extends far beyond the visit. Elation makes it easier and more efficient.

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Conveniently collaborate with other clinicians.

Extend your care beyond your office through seamless, secure sharing of pertinent clinical data with your patients and colleagues.

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Conveniently collaborate with other clinicians.
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What our doctors say

“They’ve combined a real empathy with doctors with modern web technology and UI/UX savvy, successfully walking a path littered with EMR versions of the dead, dying and undead. Almost immediately after going live, me and my staff’s productivity increased markedly, and we continue to be able to handle our very complex medical practice with fewer staff and more good vibes than before. What can I say, except ‘I’m Elated.'”

Paul Abramson, MD (San Francisco, CA – Family Medicine)

“Just had to say thank you! I just checked a lab result, ordered the appropriate antibiotic and let the patient know about it all through Elation. While that might not seem extraordinary in itself, I was able to do it all from my iPhone while cheering my son on at his swim meet! That is extraordinary. I chose well!” read more

Lily Wise Hargrove, MD (Charlottesville, VA – Family Medicine)

“I have been using Elation exclusively for a couple of months now and could not be happier. As a specialist, the unique feature that made my launch successful was the personal help I received to customize Elation to my practice. I also find Elation intuitive, it thinks like a doctor thinks, and facilitates smooth communications with other physicians. Good luck I hope Elation continues to grow.”

David Shields, MD (Palo Alto, CA – Gastroenterology)
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